• Ali and Julie Chacon

    Ali and Julie Chacon, C&C Global Marketing owners

  • How We Work

    C&C GLOBAL MARKETING is your one stop shop for the successful creation and execution of your next marketing campaign. Based in Miami, Florida, C&CGM specializes in building and activating grassroots networks to execute non-traditional marketing initiatives and embraces word of mouth to market your brand.

    CCGM’s expertise is in the understanding of street psychology and how word-of-mouth networks and buzz hierarchies begin and spread. C&CGM hires the best people to serve as brand ambassadors and marketing managers for your products and services.

    C&CGM approaches staffing with an eye toward matching the brand ambassadors to your target audience. The brand ambassadors take your message to the streets and make your marketing events successful. C&CGM’s brand ambassadors are outgoing, energetic, attractive, and connected to the local scene.

  • What’s the buzz around C&C Global Marketing

    Founded in 2003, we are a dedicated marketing and promotions agency, providing specialty services to both brands and agencies alike.

    It’s hard to make the consumers notice your services with all the advertising noise out there. But don’t worry, We will help you break past the sound barrier.

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  • We are the right company for your campaigns

    C&C Global Marketing was created in response to the changing conditions facing the traditional marketing world. We recognized that conventional advertising was becoming decreasingly effective in reaching people who were tuning out regular media.

    Our main goal and focus is to provide effective marketing and promotions services for brands as well as the Advertising/PR agencies in need of our expertise to assist them establish or increase awareness of their products in the local market.

Our Core Values

    • Teamwork

      CCGM can help you with everything from event planning and staffing to alternative advertising. We’ll get people talking about your brand and help you make lasting impressions with consumers that extend beyond your event.

    • We are professionals

      We hire only the very best promotional models, brand ambassadors, field managers, product specialists, and marketing managers in the industry. Behind the scenes, you can count on a smooth start-to-finish process, managed by our experienced Account Managers and Team Leads.

    • Competitive Pricing

      Being a small company, we give the customer service that you often only find with bigger staffing agencies, without the price tag! We’re the best at what we do, and our pricing is competitive.

    • Consumer Oriented

      We sell ideas and products by positioning and strengthening your brand in the mind of the consumer. We are passionate about providing our clients with not just event staff, but brand ambassadors who represent your brand with excellence, and care about your consumer experience.

    • Personal Attention

      We separate ourselves from the numerous other agencies out there by providing energetic, proactive people who know their jobs. Our customers will benefit from our experience as we’ve faced almost any campaign-related challenge you can think of.

    • Strive for Excellence

      We work with all companies, from large corporations to small businesses and strive to exceed your expectations. Each of our staff members is evaluated based on experience, communication skills, and their special ability to engage the audience.

Key Customers

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  • Coca Cola

  • Monster

  • Samsung

  • Aires

  • Blackberry

  • FIFA World Cup

  • Miami Dolphins

  • Gasolina

  • Yellow Pages

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