Guerrilla Marketing

Target consumers in unexpected places

  • Identify


    State your goal

    Identify your overarching business goals, so that you can then define a set of marketing goals to support them.

  • Research


    Identify your market

    Research is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Gather information about your market and its demographics.

  • Focus


    Find solutions

    Once you have decided which solution you will focus on, you can focus on what you will do to make that solution come to life.

  • Develop strategies


    Increase awareness

    Discover what your audience cares about and increase awareness of your products and services.

  • Compete with the big companies

    The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, potentially interactive, and consumers are targeted in unexpected places.

    • Alternative Advertising
    • Buzz Marketing
    • Life Style Marketing
    • Marketing Surveys
    • Trendsetter Marketing

    Guerrilla Marketing has paved the way for small businesses to compete in the marketing arena with the big companies. The goal is to be noticed with a unique and different approach and be bugdet wise at the same time.

    At C&C Global Marketing we specialize in this unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. By offering a low-cost, highly effective marketing effort, we maximize your budget and opportunities.

    Contact us and know how you can get more out of your advertising budget.

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